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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat



Wesak Testimonials

(Originally published in the July-August 2009 issue of Outreach, TSG Foundation's bi-monthly newsletter, free online.)

On May 7 - 10, TSG conducted its annual Wesak conference, with the theme of “Breaking the Impasse” on the quest for higher spirals of spiritual freedom. Below are some brief comments by attendees.


Each year I look forward to the “gift” Wesak brings and the joy of the discovery process. It is very invigorating to expand my learnings about the Teachings, myself, and group life. This year’s subject of dealing with impasses was especially challenging and elusive. I loved the use of symbolic parables as an aide to see deeper into internal blockages and bring to light subtle hindrances to spiritual growth. My favorite story was “The Demon and the Pious Woman”. when distractions tempt me to veer off course, I think of her steadfastness.

I was really impressed with such strong group cohesion this year. I believe as we cleared our individual blockages, we also helped clear blockages in the group. It’s amazing to see the results of how fast energy can fl ow through a group.

As I now “dissolve” back into my daily life, I am reminded of another story. A friend knew three doctors who successfully participated in a firewalking ceremony. They walked across the burning coals and no one burned their feet. They returned home very elated. About three weeks later, they began to have doubts about what they did - and blisters formed on their feet. For me, this story reminds me how important it is to keep spiritual tension and rhythm in the daily practice and be the observer of your life everyday. I am already looking forward to preparing for Wesak 2010! Thank you Gita.
- Cathy S.


I am always so pleased with the multi-dimensional way in which Gita and her team organize the conference to include various methods of learning, exploration and reinforcement of Divine Principles. Gita’s lectures, as always, were so rich and deep, yet also “user friendly”. In our small group sessions, the concept of breaking impasses was continued. It was of great value to me to understand that an impasse can serve several important purposes. When we begin to see impasses as opportunities rather than catastrophes, all sorts of new ideas are at our disposal. For example, an impasse can help us take notice of where we are and what we are doing in a given moment of our journey; an impasse can be a protection from a path that would not be in our best interest, or an impasse can be a opportunity for growth and learning if we turn to our Solar Angel as we strive to work through it and shift our energy to fl ow more rhythmically with Divine Will, Love and Light. Also, as we are able to embrace our impasses, understand what they actually are and move through them, we are building bridges to higher worlds. We are empowering, not only ourselves, but others who may have similarimpasses in their lives.

I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership.
- Michelle R.


The Wesak conferences have great facility for creative capacity. For me, a really memorable experience was the sacred dance part where a man and woman were right shoulder to right shoulder and turned as if an axis was between them for a complete turn while looking into the eyes of each other as best they could manage, and then reversing direction doing the same. I was struck by the power, especially when looking into the eyes of my partner, the opposing energy. I wondered about this for a long time before I thought about the symbol of the Tao, the opposing black and white tear drops with the points of black and white in the opposite fields of color. Having just experienced the dance and the energy, the opposing points in the symbol seem to be as the recognition through the eyes of the conscious realization of the opposing, complementary energy.

Another subtle energy point I liked was when we sat in a circle to study and gain insights into the Milarepa story. There was a ‘completeness’ of the group in the circle, and I liked being able to see the person responding and ‘seeing’ everything that was said. That thought leads right into my experience of Robert’s beautiful reading during the actual full moon ceremony. I wanted to close my eyes to be able to concentrate and absorb the feeling tones of love, gratitude and sense of wonder which Robert was able to give. However, I learned in the rehearsal that I missed something when I shut my eyes for even a short time. I didn’t repeat that during the ceremony, though, as one needed to see Robert’s reading as well as listen.

The teaching that Gita chose on impasse was strong and timely for the group. The teachings fit well with our earlier work on discipline – a requirement for surmounting impasse, and it gives us something to carry forward and work with in the coming year. Everyone seemed to come away with a feeling of accomplishment in working with the Agni Yoga stories after gaining insights into their own sense of intuition. And really, it was as rewarding to see it in others as much as if I did it myself. We all felt that way, I think. Through dance, study, lecture, listening, talking, singing, group insight, ceremony, meditation and visualization we shared this powerful, yet loving experience on every level. For me, Wesak 2009 will be remembered for its power and creativeness.
- David T.


I was sitting near our water garden which has a water fall. As I listened to the soft sound of the water hitting the rocks I began thinking about the relaxing, beautiful, yet powerful sound. In our group we are each like a drop of water that have merged into a larger body of water and formed a waterfall. One drop alone would barely be heard, but all the drops together... Wow! How much more beautiful and powerful we become each year as we work on ourselves individually and as a group and re-assemble at the annual Wesak conference. I felt this more strongly this year as our group seemed to blend together as one very quickly.

Since returning from the conference this year, I find I am observing myself on a deeper level and contemplating the impasses in my life. It can be very subtle. I am not looking at myself in a critical way, but in a positive way to find these impasses, look at them and to begin to deal with them in what ever way it takes........ not only for the betterment of myself, but also for the betterment of the whole. The more clear we are of our impasses the better we are able to receive these incoming energies, the ‘better’ we become as individuals and as a group.

One of my impasses has been a block to putting my thoughts in writing. When I was asked to do this a feeling of fear immediately came to me. I thought, wow, here is a big impasse I have! Don’t be afraid, look at the impasse and work with it and have fun at the same time. Thanks for giving me the opportunity of working to overcome one of mine.
- Joyce P.