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Spiritual Counseling

Counseling and Mentoring

Preparation for Spiritual Counseling

  1. Ask yourself to what extent you perceive your problem and are able to be honest and open with the issues and crises facing you.
  2. Ask yourself if you are open to finding solutions to your problems and are willing to make changes in your behavior, thinking, and feeling.
  3. Are you open to finding solutions that will require striving and work to accomplish a state of healing - or are you looking for a quick and easy fix?
  4. Ask yourself if you have any addictions or habits that need extensive detoxification and psychiatric treatment. If so, we suggest that you begin by contacting a specialist in these areas before you undergo spiritual counseling.
  5. There are many practices that can be particularly harmful to you in subtle ways, and counseling will not be effective in the presence of these practices which include past life readings, aura readings, astral travel, channeling, and the like. You will be asked to observe the effect of these, and to stop them if you wish to heal and change.
  6. If you are ready, then please fill out a Consultation Form and email or fax to 480-502-0713. We will contact you to make an appointment for a 30 minute session. During this session we can together determine the course of work that may help you.

What is Spiritual Counseling Like?


No. It is not dependent upon any religious belief.


Spiritual counseling is unlike traditional counseling in that it does not involve sessions of talking about past problems nor activities to release negative emotions. In dealing with problems, the process helps you to understand cause and effect and what lifestyle changes and inner shifts are needed. Activities may include meditation, visualization, service, reading and study. All of our advice is given as suggestions and you may decide what is best for you.


What is required?

In order to gain the most benefit from your counseling sessions, it is important that you be willing to make changes in your life to achieve a healthy outcome. The outcome involves your whole being, all parts of your life — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being, as well as your relations with yourself, your family, and friends.

You also need to clearly understand that change does not occur suddenly but requires striving and honesty. As you strive and gain inner confidence, the changes will come about holistically.


What is a session like?

Spiritual Counseling sessions are usually done in person. I am also available for telephone or Skype sessions. Please make this arrangement in advance using a Consultation Form. The sessions are 30 minutes each, unless a longer session is required for a specific issue.


How does spiritual counseling help?

  1. It allows you to respond to the needs and challenges of your life because your capacity to do so expands.
  2. It replaces worn-out aspects of your emotional and mental habits with a more constructive framework.
  3. It opens up new avenues for your capacity to receive insights and create a better life.
  4. It puts you in touch with your “authenticity” or genuineness; it opens your heart and you learn to trust and understand your inner wisdom.
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