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In the News

Gita Saraydarian has written for and been interviewed by numerous magazines and journals throughout the world. Here are a few:


Lichtwelle journal August 2012




"Das Erbe eines spirituellen Lehrers / Interview mit Gita Saraydarian."  Lichtwelle, August 2012, p. 40.
"The Legacy of a Spiritual Teacher / Interview with Gita Saraydarian"




Visionen magazine cover september 2011



"Die Alchemie der Freude.Visionen, September 2011, p. 22.
"The Alchemy of Joy"





Pyramid Societies journal


Interview with Gita Saraydarian by the Pyramid Societies group, India. February 2009.
See the original publication in the Telugu language (interview on pg. 58)




June 2012 issue of italian Energie magazine


Editor: Saraydarian, Gita. "I Principi Fondamentali di Torkom Saraydarian." June 2012.

In English: "Interview with Torkom Saraydarian: 1992 - Basic Principles

excerpted from Autobiography: Torkom Saraydarian




Saraydarian, Gita. "5 Passi Per La Meditazione Scientifica." Energie, February 2011.

In English: "Five Steps to Scientific Meditation"




cover of Spiritual Science magazine


Latest news from India: "Spiritual Science." Jan-Feb 2013.

Torkom Saraydarian is featured throughout this issue.