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Discover the rules for success

There are many rules for success. Here are some very practical ones:

  1. Try to solve your problems in a way that also considers the welfare of others
  2. Do things now that need to be done, and do not postpone them for tomorrow.
  3. Have a special place for everything and put everything in its right place
  4. Do not spend all your energy, time, money, space all at once - reserve a little.
  5. Learn the traditions, religions, customs, and beli3fs of those with whom you are going to work...
  6. Pay attention to your health
  7. Learn how to sleep well...
  8. Exercise...
  9. Learn to breathe well...
  10. Eat well...
  11. Take care of your teeth, hair, cleanliness, breath,
  12. Learn to walk...
  13. Cultivate good manners in eating, speaking, listening, and being in different settings...don't be a bore...
  14. Be firm and decisive
  15. Dress well and tastefully and appropriately...
  16. Develop emotional stability
  17. Do not live in fear...

(Adapted from Dynamics of Success by Torkom Saraydarian, pp. 59-70)

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