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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat

The Ageless Wisdom Teaching | What does the Ageless Wisdom Teach?

What does the Ageless Wisdom Teach?

  1. In each human being there is the spirit-spark, or soul, which transcends time and space, and it incarnates over millions of years into progressively more advanced bodies.
  2. This spark has many characteristics, including, the ability to gather intelligence, love, beauty, immortality, and freedom from the bindings of earthly life, and continuity into infinity.
  3. The spark is an integral part of the greater Self, or Soul of the Universe, sometimes refereed to as the Creative force or God; it is a ray projected from this creative force.
  4. The spark continuously evolves by building its physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, atmic, monadic, and divine bodies. Each of these bodies gives the spark the ability to manifest and communicate on the corresponding planes of existence. Hence, the spark builds bodies of communication and contact with subtle and higher existences in life. This is called by many names, including the path of self-transformation, Self actualization, becoming the True Self, or the process of expansion of consciousnesses or building continuity of consciousness.
  5. The method of building the higher consciousness is through the process of developing critical thinking through the vehicle of the higher mind and intuition by doing the following:
    • right observation
    • right concentration
    • right meditation
    • right thinking
    • right manifestation