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"I am overjoyed and excited with the many new insights and seeds that have been planted. Once again, thank you Gita for your dedication, love and leadership."

- Michelle R. on the annual TSG Wesak Conference & Retreat

About Gita | Gita’s Autobigraphical Sketch

Gita’s Autobiographical Sketch

Gita by pianoI was born in Amman, Jordan into an Armenian family, the second of five children.  Our family life was filled with the ideas, belief systems, and peoples of different religions, cultures, and languages. This included Christians of all denominations, Muslims and Sufis, further enriched by the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of Blavatsky, Bailey, and Agni Yoga.  We were also told fables and hero stories from various cultures.

We were always motivated to read and study and do our homework by the example of my parents; they always gave us examples of self discipline, integrity, and through their deep knowledge, a love of scholarly pursuits.

We emigrated from Jordon to the United States in 1959 and I grew up in Los Angeles. In 1987 I started TSG Publishing Foundation, and in 1994, I moved to Arizona where our TSG Center is at present.

At first, we simply published and distributed Torkom's books, but slowly this work grew as the need grew. I taught classes, gave lectures and seminars, and expanded my work. The TSG University started officially in 2000 September with a training program and beautiful meditation courses.

I was appointed by Torkom Saraydarian as the Trustee of the Creative Trust, which holds all of his published and unpublished creative works. I am involved in all the aspects of TSG Foundation and continue to publish the remaining manuscripts; giving seminars, classes, and meditations courses; and archiving the Creative Trust Library.  

I love the Teaching. Why? I have traveled and met many kinds of people and I have a strong academic background and training in research and critical thinking. I see most clearly that the Teaching is the only path that gives us a sense of who we truly are.  I can understand life in its complexities, its good and its bad, only when I can see it from the perspective of the Teaching. There is no other discipline in the world that can give the comprehensive, internally consistent philosophy and logic that the Teaching does about every aspect of life in its multiple dimensions!

My passion is to bring the Teaching to everyone and to help create a culture of understanding, appreciation, and spiritual nobility. This is the path of salvation for humanity. Human beings have made important expansions in the last 50-100 years. We can only judge the human condition and see the unfolding of humanity if we take a long-term view through the prism of the Teaching. The Teaching gives us the tools for comprehensive understanding and helps us develop the inner patience and strength necessary to journey throughout life despite the many challenges that come our way.

Every person in the world can benefit from some part of the Teaching. Learning about the Wisdom and applying even a small portion of it to our life brings us many benefits. The Wisdom Teaching is the crucial path to living in health, harmony, and appreciation of the complexities of life, both individually and collectively. People are living and working in very complex social settings and in areas of the world that are vastly different from their homelands. We face huge challenges never seen before in the history of humanity. We are truly one world now and we see the immense need to have a foundation in life that helps us understand ourselves in a new way and understand each other. The understanding of the Teaching and the practice of its principles is the path to greater harmony in all parts of life.

Life is an open system, and each of us has tremendous opportunities to excel regardless of where life and karma has placed us. We can overcome anything if we see it in its true light.  I invite everyone to live life to its fullest. I invite everyone to “show up, shut up, and do the work” with me. This is my personal mantra! I always remember that what we reap depends entirely on what we sow; the highest law of the universe that applies to each one of us, individually and as humanity.

With love and appreciation,